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One who works hard and smart always becomes successful in their lives.

This quote fits perfectly for the personality whom we are going to talk about today. Today we will be talking about, Mohit Mahajan a dynamic young personality hailing from a small town of Jammu & Kashmir. Who once dreamed about bringing the Digital reform in the state and now has helped thousands of youths to be self independent and financially stable in their lives.

Lets Meet

One of the India’s Top Digital Mentor having mentored more than 5 thousand mentees. Working towards the goal of mentoring 100000 mentees and changing lives by helping them become financially independent. With more than 7 Digital Mentor Academy in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Started as a Digital Fresher and now a Digital Expert with more than 2000 clients worldwide. Working for the mission “Let It Be – The Digital World”.

Why The Digital World

When asked What motivated him to start Let It Be- The Digital World. He told that back in 2020 there was very little or no exposure about the Digital Marketing trends in the state and at that point of time due to the various political conditions the lack of 4G internet services in the state , people could only browse the internet with the limited 2G speed and learning online and download large study content was really difficult for the people.

When given option among study and download large files and data online at slow speed or surfing and browsing facebook at slowspeed, most of the people preferred Facebook over learning. When the rest of the country was studying and learning during the lockdowns during the Covid times, the people of the state were struggling to get the proper internet connection and speed. Even though there were landline , wifi and other broadband connections but it was still not feasible for everyone.

Knowledge is Power and Money

He also narrated an incident that he learnd the literal meaning of this quote in the early 2020’s when the limited people who were aware and knowledgeable about the digital world kept knowledge among their own inner circle and refused to share it with others. At that point of time the thought came into his mind ” Let It Be ; Let It Be – The Digital World ” and that’s when he started the Let It Be- The Digital World.

The Digital Journey

When asked about his Digital Journey- He told us about his journey. How his journey has been full of ups and downs and how he managed to become one of the Top digital mentors of the Country. But one thing what he has been consistent about throughout his journey is always teaching and motivating others to take the necessary action. He stepped into his Digital Journey during his MBA days, where he started his project about the Doctor’s Listing portal so as to help the local people. But due to the lack of team he has to shut that project down.

He also started and worked various small projects and assignments. He started the digital journey all by himself by learning and implementing till 2020 where he found his Digital Mentor Mr.Deepak. Mohit always followed the belief that ” If you learn something, implement it and share it. If you implement it then you keep it with you if not you are letting it go.”

The Digital Mentor

Mohit have mentored more than 5000 youth of the state till now and have helped them to be financially independent. He has started his own Digital Mentor Academy in the state and provide both online and offline courses to the students. His students age group varies from 15-65. He has also collaborated with various colleges and universities in the state and providing digital education to the youth of the state. He now have more than 7 Digital Mentor Branches all over the state where he is teaching and also helping them with the job and placement councillors for various placement opportunities.

Future Plan :

When asked about what are his future plans and where do you see yourself in the next coming few years. He said that he plans to empower the people of the state and wants to help the businesses and startups to enter the digital market and compete at the global platform as still the people are a little hesitant to work with the online platforms and will continue to mentor the people.

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This article is a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program where we were asked to write about us as in 2025.

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