Starting Online business in India- Thoughts and ideas

Starting an online business !!!!

I searched a lot of places, browsed god know how many websites, attended webinars and youtube videos. But in the end everyone is asking to join their courses as they have got tons of experience and expertise. But the question which came to me is “which course to join and learn from who is the best who can help me to make the fastest money online?”

The thought definitely have come in to your mind that’s the reason why you are here and searching and browsing the internet , to know how you can do the same and earn some quick bucks for your pocket or planning to start the career in the same. I too once did the same and am just in the beginning phase of developing my online career while writing this article .

Being an unemployed person amidst the lockdown with no proper source of income and limited amount of funds made me to ask some questions to myself

Should i use the money to buy or join the course ?


Should i use that money to buy a domain and buy a host online by myself and use hit and trial method ?


If I join the course with the money i have , then how will i be going for the practical part of the course and will need more money to buy the domain and the hosting and other items such as seo , marketing bla bla bla…

If you are still reading this and questioning the same to yourself, then congratulations my friend you are also in the race but with the limited funds , money , rupaiya , paisa. You are also in the same boat as me.

But sometimes for you to be in the same race and run you have to take a step ahead. If you don’t , then you would be like the hare ( खरगोश ) from the story where tortoise kept moving slowly but you are still sleeping in your comfort zone. So, you need to buck up. Just take your card and book a domain and host it online with whatever 5-6 thousand you got for your party.

( I got great deal and got a hosting plan along with the domain for 3 years in 5 thousand) will tell you in my next blog if I”ll get good review ?? ). Really, a poor man always try to get the cheap and best things and offers among all, just like i did.

The first step is done and now there’s no moving back. Its just like a premier gym membership for me if i don’t go and workout here then all my money would be gone and just like every poor fellow i would always think about the money i invested and the opportunity i lost by not working here. But that’s the secondary thing as we are not here to waste money we are here to make money online and fill our pockets with some big bucks online.

So if you are also here to make some big money online and want to see 6 figures in your bank account then do follow , comment , share and wait for the next chapter.

While in this time you should think about your domain name, and the way you want to make money online. Lets see if our thoughts and the ideas are in sync with each other or you are more advanced than me.

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