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Guess i was getting bored at home during this quarantine in the Covid-19 era and was looking for some new hobby to pass some time. And i am sure that you are also damn bored sitting lazily at home and have tried and tested almost everything ( not everything literally ) but still found nothing to do now, just like me and right now searching here and there on the internet looking for some new things or a new favourite time pass or a hobby.

I am bored with almost everything as tried all these in the lockdown.

  • Photography
  • Watching TV seasons
  • Read novels
  • Became a cooking expert
  • Became a market expert
  • Talked Covid-19
  • Gained weight

Done with the academic and the co-curricular now just remaining with the sports.

But now i just found an interesting stuff online which is kinda motivating me to learn table tennis.

I remember how i always saw those amazing Table-tennis videos online and was always fascinated by the smashes. Now its the time to bang some smashes ( Bang bang bang ).

I have got a table at my house but playing the game without proper net is mostly a big NO NO, why , because its NO fun.

While browsing for some stuff on Amazon found this Table-tennis net online ( obviously a modern one ). So wanted to share this with you so that you can also start playing table tennis and bang some smashes at home during this quarantine.

Learn Table-tennis yourself.

Make the kids at home to play table tennis be encourage them to play.

Start moving by playing table tennis and don’t be a lazy hen and start reducing some weight.

Learn something new this quarantine.

Become a table tennis expert this quarantine.

Comment what you are going to shop online in the chat below. ?

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