How To Start Working As a Freelancer

Freelancing is not as easy as it sounds. It requires hard work, dedication and a lot of knowledge. It is 100% talent and 200% presentation. It’s all about how you can make a prospective employer confident about your abilities without any physical communication. It’s about how you make him to remember you from thousands of other freelancers. Some tips that can help you in your freelancing career are:

1.      Create a strong Profile: Spend time on your profile. Make it as detailed as possible. Look at your profile from an employer’s perspective and question yourself whether you will assign your work to this profile. Add every detail possible and become verified.

This develops a sense of trust among the employers. Display a professional image in your profile, Sound professional and look professional.

2.      Be Truthful: Don’t add anything you don’t excel at in your profile. Always mention the information in your profile truthfully, don’t mention any wrong expertise or skills. There is no bigger turnoff for a prospective employer if he questions you about your skill and you are not able to give satisfactory answers.

3.      Skill Development: Always work on your skills development. No matter how good you are there will be someone better than you on freelancing. Try to improve continuously and always keep yourself updated with the markets latest trends.

4.      Invest in yourself: Don’t shy away from investing initially on your self-growth and development. Give every exam related to your skills, learn new trends and skills, Learning English US and English UK are a must. As I mentioned earlier it is all about creating confidence in the prospective employer. The more you’ll invest in yourself the easier the returns you will get.

5.      Be Realistic: Don’t act like a pro when you are just a beginner on any of the sites. It might result in the loss of self-confidence. Don’t make money your primary objective initially, always go for good reviews and clients testimonials, do an extra job without charging money if it comes to that but don’t let bad reviews hamper your profile.

6.      Never Say Never: Give your best shot at each and every project you get. Don’t always run after some big projects or some big money initially. Just don’t look at the money initially even if someone is paying you 100 bugs try to give him work worth 1000. Make them believe how serious you are towards the work. This way you get regular clients and new referrals.

7.      Always be Specific with Numbers: Don’t work without milestones, Just don’t. Always be specific about the facts and figures. Always discuss the numbers while signing the contract with the clients so as to avoid any future hassle. Until and unless you really trust the employers. If someone is afraid of making a milestone or discuss the numbers, mark it as a red flag. Don’t get lured away by sweet talks. Accept projects only after the employer has created milestones or set targets or numbers. The Client can raise a dispute if he/she has not set a particular milestone.

8.      Be Punctual: As I said, always be professional even if the employer is a bit laid back you have got to stick to your deadlines. Submitting the results on time always proves your dedication and commitment towards your work.

9.      Be Calm: Don’t get angry while working, there will be times when you will want to blow your employers head, just try to be calm and light headed. Just because you are on a digital platform don’t disrespect him. BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Remember a happy client will always give you more projects and references.

10. Be Culturally Diverse: Research your employer before working for him/her. Try to learn which country he/she is from and greet their way. Try to learn about their culture and working environment. What is their mindset? He/she will definitely feel good they will be more confident with their choice in working with you.

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