How to make money online

” How to make money online ?”

A question which you might have searched online which brought you here or someone might have shared this with you.

Everyone wants to make money and what’s the best way in the era of technology and internet where one’s typing speed is greater than their walking speed. Where the technology at your tips is more than the movement of your hips. Everyone reading this might have watched at least one or more videos on the internet motivating or telling us that how much they made online and how they became a millionaire. But no-one explained how long and difficult that journey was.

With the beliefs and thoughts that if they can do it, then why can’t I , we took our phones and opened the Google Baba and begin our search. But how many of us are ready to work and invest on ourselves like they did. How many of us have got the time to bring the things to the next level.

If you are thinking that it’s easy to make money online and you can easily become a millionaire online, then my friend i am sorry to tell you that you are still living in your fantasy world and soon its going to shatter. No doubt people make money online. They have become millionaire, billionaire and much more, but they are in this field than more than decades and you will be competing with them.

No doubt that its tough. There are going to be a lot of hurdles and difficulties in the way. The competition is too tough now a days , but if you can survive online for around 2 years then you are in the game and nothing can stop you.

But again the question which brings you here :

How to make money online ?

The first and the foremost step to make the money online is to assess oneself and should ask some of the questions to themselves.

What am I good at ?

What are the things that I can do?

How much time and money i can invest ?

Am i really serious or its just a passing phase .

Is there anyone whome i can get some guidance from.

Will it effect my present career or job options.

If you answer these questions seriously to yourself by writing and introspect yourself you will definately know the answer if you can make money online.

Accessibility and availability of the internet have really made it possible for people to earn money online irrespective of your career whether you are a housewife , student , teacher, baker,service-provider. And there are a lot many ways now a days to make money online. It all depends on your dedication.

So take a pen and answer all the questions you need to ask yourself and make a decision for yourself.

In the next blog i will be discussing the different means by which we can make money online.

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