How To Attract The Right Customer Online.

Any digital marketing advertisement can only be effective if it is directed towards the right customers. If not, then all the money you invested in the advertisements, all the time you spend in managing and designing will go unnoticed and wasted. That’s why you should always point your advertisements in the right direction, towards a particular segment. Just like you regional language advertisements for targeting a particular linguistics region rather than the global audience.

The right traffic on your website, will always boost your sales. You should always have a clear idea about who you customers are going to be. Yo know your products , so reach out to the proper audience, whose need wants are fulfilled and the problems are solved by your products. Just like you can’t sell the baby diapers to the teenager or advertise the alcoholic beverages to the kids , in the same way you can’t sell your product to everyone as the same. You need to choose and identify the segment of people who needs you product and are willing to buy them.

Start studying your customers and their psychology. You should be able to understand from which direction/channel you customers is approaching you from. What are their interest in buying your products, what are their habits , their buying behaviour and their decision making process. Here i am sharing a few points which can help you to target the right audience.

1) Always Know Your Customer :

Being a digital person, there is a lot of data at your hands which you might be unaware of. Use the data which is available to you. Use the various analytical tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Add results , Facebook Insights etc. The data from these sources will help you to understand your customers demographic and psychographic natures. Their wants and preferences , their behavioural patterns , their profiles. You can always design and customise your products and services and create new strategies according to the data.

2) Talk to the Customers the way They Understand :

Don’t be too formal with the customers. Try to connect and relate with your customers. Use the way they speak and like and they feel connected. Try to converse with them in the language they are comfortable with. Use of the local language is always preferable. Don’t ways use the scripted lines to talk to the customers , but engage with them in the actual , formal / casual conversation. Use tone which is neither too soft nor too hard.

Talk to the genders differently. Talk to women more politely. They expect more attention and respect as compared to men. Men expects precise and factual information. To make it simple just observe and pay your attention to whom you are talking to and what they need information about. Always keep their interests and activities and design your actions and campaigns accordingly.

3) Use Of Keywords :

The biggest source of traffic for any website are the keywords. It is the keywords which drives the traffic towards your website. So it is always very important to understand keywords and what keywords are driving the traffic towards your website. In order to achieve more traffic and competitive in the online platforms , better and in-depth knowledge of keywords is required. Keywords are usually classified into three categories.

Information keywords : Information keywords are generally the broad keywords when people are not particularly specific about what they are looking for. The broader keywords are gives you the opportunity to attract new and more customers by grabbing their attention and making them to visit your website.

Navigation keywords : This is used when the customer knows the proper product or service he/she is looking for. These keywords act as a guide for them and redirect them to that particular product and service. These are used when the customer has done prior research in the market and is knowledge about the products.

Transactional keywords : This is used to look for the products or services in general. When the customer knows what he/she wants but is generally not considered the final product and service to choose. This also brings you the opportunity to attract new customers and clients.

4) Increase Your Presence Online :

Your online presence evaluates your present situation and what kind of customers would be directed towards your website. If your products are good but the presence is poor, even then it would be difficult for your customers to reach to you. So you need to work on your online presence to attract the right kind of customers online. Online presence is like the how visible your home is from the street.

5) Follow The Social Media Trend :

A big part of the traffic to the websites are directed by the social media. Facebook delivers 65.36% of all social media traffic. All the websites and stores are following the social media trend and are marketing and advertising using the social media advertising. Famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram have set up the advertisements which have made it more easy and convenient to advertise the particular segment and attract more customers to the website.

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