How Much do Freelancers Earns :

Freelancing is a good choice the people, who don’t want to follow boring 9-5 lifestyle and those who want to work from home.

Being a freelancer – you get to work from anywhere you like, make up your own rules,  don’t have to worry yourself with office politics, there is less stress involved and you get to spend more time with your family and friends.Though there are many benefits in freelancing , it is still not everyone’s cup of tea or coffee.

As a freelancer, and not having a stable job means that you will be living a butterfly’s life, moving from project to project, always on the lookout for a new project to work on. Kind of like an online ownerless, a masterless swordsman roaming the virtual forests.

Every time when you decide to start freelancing a question about the earnings always comes in mind:

How much can one earn in India as a part-time freelancer?

What is avarage monthly income working as a freelancer in India?

How much does a freelancer earn in india?

Freelancers generally earns money on the pay-per-jobs basis. Some of the freelancers charge on an hourly basis.

There are a lot of freelancing jobs in India. You can choose from them. Some of the categories are :

* ‌Graphics & Design

* ‌Digital Marketing

* ‌Writing & Translation

* ‌Video & Animation

* ‌Music & Audio

* ‌Programming & tech

* ‌Business

* ‌Lifestyle

* ‌Finance

* ‌Legal

* ‌Admin support

* ‌Customer service

Your degree is not a barrier to becoming a freelancer. You can be a freelancer even if you have only limited qualifications. The only thing that you need, to be skilled enough in your niche.

But , some of the freelancing jobs do require a level of qualification depending on the project .

As per an overview by PayPal, specialists in India, on a normal, acquire about Rs 20 lakh. The overview further separates it:

Around 23 percent of consultants win in the scope of Rs 40-45 lakh every year

23 percent gain in the scope of Rs 2.5-5 lakh a year

13 percent gain between Rs 10-15 lakh yearly

11 percent gain Rs 2.5 lakh or less yearly

8 percent gain Rs 7.5-10 lakh yearly

Depending on your skills you can even earn $200-$500 per hour. This type of potential is there in freelancing.

But, now the main question.

Where should I look for the projects ?

Do not worry, there are many places you can go to look for great freelance projects. Here are some freelance websites you should check out.


It’s easier and faster to learn how to get work on Upwork. It is just a matter of determining how and which project to apply to your circumstances. As you do so, you will increase your chances of getting hired, and get more opportunities to deliver high-quality work that clients will give you good testimonials for—thus creating a virtuous cycle of more hiring.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is a marketplace of multiple projects where anyone can work on what they love. The website has been up and running for about six years now and it has since launched many features to help both employers and freelancers get work done. Because of the platform’s vastness, it may seem too daunting for a newbie.

3. Guru

Guru is a freelancing website you can make good money with this freelancing website. you can make $8 to $100 per hour on guru.

If you have much experience and are confident about your skills and expertise, you not need do a regular job. You can make good money with freelancing like guru, freelancer and Upwork. you can join these all platform and bid on job and make good money.

There’s no limit. Always remember sky is the limit and no one stops you, other than you yourself.

I know freelancers who are earning thousands of dollars every single month sitting at home.

Now, how much do you think you can earn by freelancing ?

If you’ve any questions, do let me know.

To your success,

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