The New Trend in Writing : COPYWRITING

Copywriting is the concept by which a product, service, idea, opinion ,business person or even a business activity is promoted by the power of the written words .

Copywriting is to make the person taken the desired action by the means of the written conversation.

Its main aim is to persuade the person to take the desired action or react in a certain way.

The desired action may be to subscribe something or make him to buy a product or service . Copywriting makes the person to Act.

Copywriting may also be used to dissuade people from their beliefs or actions or making them to react in a certain way.

NOTE:  Advertising is different than copywriting.

Advertising is to make people aware for a product/service while copywriting is to make people to take action immediately.

Some words such as ‘click, download, fill, complete or buy “are words which are used in copywriting making people to act “now”.

People are different and behave differently.

Every one have different feelings and desires. And everyone is looking out something out there. Copywriting content gives them a feeling of belongingness.

Words have strong power. Words can change people’s lives impacting their thinking, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Copywriting  impacts and clicks on the people’s thoughts.

The most used and effective method used in the Copywriting is the AIDA Principle

1) Attention
2) Interest
3) Desire
4) Action

Attention: The first and the moat important task in copywriting is to catch the attention of the viewer. If you have successfully attracted the persons attention half the work is done. Copywriting content is send to the person like the bait is put for the fish.

Interest and Desire: Seeking persons attention is easy but , impacting the person to arouse his interest and create the desire to buy the services/products offered is tough. Copywriting arouses the persons interest by making him to feel that the products/services are tailored specifically for him and are the only solution for his current problems, thereby creating need, want and desire among the person.

Action: The copywriting is action oriented. It motivates and encourage the prospect to take the action desired. If the person is attracted and desire the product/services offered and is considering, the copywriting brings the person in the buying mood, make him take the action to do so.

Copywriting don’t sell. It impacts the people thought process and make them to buy.

If you enter a shop and the sales person comes to you shows you the same product again and again , you won’t feel at ease to buy. Why?
You don’t want to be controlled. You don’t want to have the pressure to buy something due to the sales person coming to you again and again.

  • ‌Copywriting makes people buy for emotional reason, not rational reason.
  • ‌Copywriting makes people buy to show how proud they own something. Understanding people behaviours and patterns and knowing that people buy by envy, pride, vanity or lust, these patterns and inspirations can be implemented in copywriting.
  • ‌Copywriting makes people  to justify their irrational decisions with the rational reasons.
  • ‌Copywriting justifies the purchase decisions people have made.

Copywriter using the power of the words gives reasons to the persons as to why the purchase made is a worthy investment, by appealing to the emotion of persons in order to persuade them to buy.

For example: If it is a bike, copywriter would talk about how amazing and fast it is.

He would talk about the style, looks features and how great the people will feel riding it.

He would also talk about fuel economy, speed, brakes and more.

Copywriter will create an image in the customers mind and make the customer feels good about his decision and not about selling the bike. The emphasis is always on the reason  as why the purchase decisions is a good investment and he is correct in making the decision.

The another factor which is used in copywriting to persuade people to buy is the Element of Fear.

As people always fear of losing an opportunity or money. The biggest fear is to be last in the horse race. The fear of being left out.The fear of losing independence, happiness, friends and families. The fear of remaining poor.

Copywriter identifies the Fear or Desire among the prospects.

‌They tell the people what they are going to do for them.

‌What benefit they have for him which will help them to fulfill their desires and wants.

‌Copywriter let the people picture themself reaping the benefits.

The Copywriting trend is the most followed in the writings. It is found everywhere and there are different copywriting techniques.

It may be present in Headlines, emails, banners, slogans, commercial scripts, press releases and is found also on billboards, brochures, online sites and other advertising media.

The key to Copywriting success is to attract people’s attention with a great headline.

Try Copywriting by following these basic rules:

  • Try to limit the headline to 5 to 8 words.
  • Catch the readers attention by providing a basic promise of benefits.ex: Learn how to become a millionaire in 30 days.(You tell the reader what you are going to do for him)
  • Your sub header should reinforce the headline and arouse the interest of the reader to continue reading your advertisement/mail/article.
  • Show him how he is going to achieve those benefits.
  • ‌Create people’s interest and desire by using images , motivating lines and words such as splendid, amazing , awesome and by repeating those words in the writings.
  • ‌Do keep reminding them that what you’re going to do for him and how good you are in those things.
  • ‌Provide them everything with proofs and testimonials about how they liked the products/services and how their lives are completely changed.
  • ‌Then ask to take action by buying as they would be missing a great opportunity being a limited edition/offer.

The Copywriting Pattern :

  • Collect all persuasive arguments (features and benefits). Sort them on the basis of their benefits and profitability.
  • ‌Always provide the proof of credibility. That you are not lying to the people.
  • ‌Make people to take immediate or fast decision due to the limited time opportunity.

Here are listed some of the examples of headlines, sub headlines and power words which you can use in Copywriting:


Ideas to……………………
Reasons why…………………
Steps to………………….
Tricks to ……………….
Secret ways to…………….
Discover how to……………..
Are you interested in…………..


Absolutely no ……………required.
Here’s how to get started.
If you want to get ……….,you need to act now!
Learn how to……………by……….
Step-by-step system for…………..
You immediately get……………..
If you………….you’ll love our……….
Now you can instantly…………………..


Amazing, awesome, blownaway, booming, boost, competitive, confidence, deal, easy, expert, fantastic, friendly, grab, greatest, hassle free, highly, hot, immediately, increase, in-depth, informative, instant,jaw dropping, jump Start, killer, lifeime, mind-blowing, never seen before, nutshell, opportunity, limited, offer, trend.

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    This is the topic now a days people wants to hear. The most difficult part of a topic to be discussed is it’s headline. What should be the headline so, by this article you are giving the youngsters an idea to limit their headline.
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