Choosing the Perfect Niche for Freelancing

What am I Good at ?

This is the question which needs to be answered before selecting the right Niche fir the Freelancing career. Freelancing means that you will be providing your services and expertise to the contractor for the monetary benefits. So, one should always be clear about their expertise. No one knows you better than yourself. So you much select the best possible niche you are good at for freelancing career. Here is the list of some of the niches you can select for freelancing on the basis of your expertise.

1) Designer

Here are several professionsin the designers line which are suitable for freelancers and you can work remotely on them.

A) Web Designing : To work as a web designers you just need the proper skill sets and knowledge of various graphic editors. WordPress have made it relatively easy for the freelancers to enter into web designing. Anyone can learn web designing using WordPress by learning from various online free courses and YouTube videos on the Internet. The amount of money earned by website designers varies between Rs 10k – 50K an an average depending on the project.

B) Interface Designing : This is for the people with the knowledge of technical skills and knowledge. This is a kind of specialists profile. The main task of these specialist people is to make the website more people friendly and make the web surfing more simpler for the common people.

The firms specializing in website development, design studios and private companies are the customers for the interface designers.

The technical know how like the knowledge about the language HTML and in depth knowledge about the various graphic editors is required. The income of the graphic designers varies from project to project.

C) Graphic designer : A graphic designer is a person who specializes in creating an individual company’s style, including the logo and font, the choice of colour scheme, the design of iconography, the preparation of advertising brochures, etc. Every thing including the company’s front-end development to the company’s style including the online looks is planned by the Graphic designer

2) Video Editor

The next high demanded freelancer on the Internet, is one specialised in video editing. The job may ask for scoring videos, removing unwanted noise and unsuccessful frames, adding special effects, captions, etc.

A powerful high tech computer with powerful video and graphics card is needed for video editing. A person working as a video editor should have good skills in working with specialized programs (Sony Vegas, After Effect, Adobe Premiere, 3D MAX). The basics of these programmes can be learned in a short time depending on the hardwork and dedication of the person.

3) Photographer

It is a creative activity and thus holds2 an advantage over the other professionals. There is always an unending demand for professional photographers and they are highly demanded in variety of areas: sequential photography, art photography, wedding or family photography, advertising photography, shooting in the modeling business, etc.

The theory of photography, the basics of composition, to be able to work with photo equipment are the must have knowledge to be a professional photographer. The ability to communicate and win over people in order to direct them and communicates with people at the right time is also an important quality of the photographer.

4) Work with texts

For the people who loves working and playing with texts, internet also provides them a great opportunity. Below we will talk about the most common professions in this area where you can work as a freelancer.

A) Rewrite : A good knowledge of the language and a rich vocabulary is needed for rewriting the articles. It is one of the most affordable method and does not need any technical know how.

In India such freelancers are paid either according to page or according to the word count. Some companies or contractor also pay on the basis of the project. A rewrite can be a good career start for those who want to work with texts.

B) Copy writing : The copywriter’s activity is to write articles, news notes and other texts to which people can relate to. To prepare the material, several sources are used to attract the audience attention. At the same time, if you are knowledgeable , then you can create author’s material. Professional copywriting can also include other tasks: inventing headlines and slogans, writing “selling texts”, etc.

C) SEO copywriting: The main job of Seo-copywriters are to creates and design materials specifically for distribution on the Internet. They make the data more knowledgeable and friendly for search engines.

A copywriter should know the rules that SEO experts use on texts, to be able to use hypertext, be able to make out TITLE and META tags. Knowledge of HTML and CSS and knowledge of programs designed to optimize text (semonitor) are also welcome.

D) Translators: The professional translator are always in great demand, and technologies provide the opportunity to work without leaving your home. If you have a good command of one or several foreign languages, this can be a great opportunity for making money. You can look for various translating works and can earn sone big money.

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