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Are you tired of outsourcing your marketing tasks to the companies and freelancers? I know you clicked this page link to learn about marketing after reading the title “Become your own marketer” But before talking about marketing I would like to tell you about the man who gave birth to the concept of Modern Marketing Philip Kotler.

Philip Kotler, the man who is known as the Father of Modern Marketing,

 Dr. Philip Kotler defines marketing as “the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires.

You might be thinking that why I am talking about Philip Kotler. He is the man who defined the entire process of marketing with a few words in 2 simple lines.

Marketing process as:

1. Explore

2. Create

3. Deliver Value

4. Satisfy the Target Market

5. Make Profit

Yes you read it right the entire marketing involves around these 5 words mentioned above.

Before understanding the true meaning of marketing I used to get confused between marketing and selling. I used to think that marketing means to promote and sell. But guess what, I was wrong. And a lot many people along with me who still thinks that marketing and selling are one and the same. Let me tell you how marketing is different.           

The selling theory believes that if companies and customers are dropped detached, then the customers are not going to purchase enough commodities produced by the enterprise. The notion can be employed argumentatively, in the case of commodities are not solicited.The marketing theory is a business plan, which affirms that the enterprise’s profit lies in growing more efficient than the opponents, in manufacturing, producing and imparting exceptional consumer value to the target marketplace.
Related to  
Constraining customer’s perception of commodities and services.Leading commodities and services towards the consumer’s perception.
Beginning point  
Concentrates on  
ProductConsumer needs
Inside outOutside in
Business Planning  
Short termLong term
Cost Price  
Cost of ProductionMarket ascertained

Understand the concept of marketing clearly and you may become the next Digital Deepak. The guy who revolutionized the concept of Teaching Digital Marketing in India. He studied the marketing concepts and implemented it in his life. He explored for what is missing in the Digital Marketing Courses, created a course to fill that gap, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a people in the market and is ready to make a Profit by converting people into million leads and creating a Brand name for himself. His  Marketing method identifies unfulfilled needs and desires and delivers them to the people.

You may find the tweets of the people with the #digitldeepak #highdeepak trending in the top 20 trends in India every now and then. You guessed it right, all those tweets are for Mr. Deepak kanakraju . You  can follow him on Twitter @highdeepak or tweet with #highdeepak . Else you can find about him at

Now lets try to understand marketing and create our own brand name like Mr Deepak.


Explore the market. Understand what people want, what they desire, what makes them feel happy, what they lack n their life. Try to understand what people are searching for and what’s the missing factor in the present market. What are the points which you can exploit to help or fulfill people’s needs and wants.

            If you are thinking that all the needs and wants are already fulfilled by all the companies present, then let me tell you Needs, Wants and Desires and not static and keeps on changing. What people may like at one point of time may end up hating at the other point of time.


Try to come up with a product/service which makes them happy and fulfill their needs and desires. Always learn from people what makes them happy, never try to teach them that this will make you happy. Try to come up with the products/services that you don’t need to go to the people to sell them, but the people should come to you to buy them. Always try to come up with something unique , different  as it may solve half of your promotional efforts as people tend like unique and different things.

Deliver Value:

Always remember to deliver value to the people’s life. Your product/service will survive and grow like a boom if there is enough value in for people to acknowledge it.

Why do you think the Internship Program by Digital Deepak is becoming popular day by day and the number of applicants are growing like crazy. DD has delivered enough value in the lives of almost 4000 people by his internship program in the last 10 months. The people are recognizing the value provided by DD. Till now more than 6000 have applied for his Internship Program Batch 5. You can also fill out the form for Digital Deepak Internship Program. Fill out the form for Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 5 HERE.

Satisfy the Target market:

Your product should be able to satisfy the target market. If your product/service fulfills the points above the target customer will definitely satisfied. But if will create a product and will try to forcibly sell it, neither will your product be sold but it will also create a negative impact on the target audience about your product/services.

E.g. Selling Mercedes to the lower class people. Or selling Maruti 800 to Mark Zuckerberg will not yield any profitable results as the things being sold to them does not create any value in their life and are not necessary for them in their daily lives.  

Make Profits:

The most important thing, everyone worked so hard for. Everyone wants to make more and more profits. The step which makes money. This will depend on all the previous steps. The high the value provided by the products the more the profits.

Lets understand it with an example

The higher the value added by the product or service is directly proportional to the customer needs and demands. If the service is too rare, the price in the upper range and the number of people availing the service will reduce but will add more value to your income. The competition is generally very low in this category.     

On, the other hand if the service is easily accessible and the cost of the service falls in the lower range the number of people accessing the service will increase. Thus, adding value to your income. The competition is generally very high in this category.

It is up to you to decide what range your product/service falls in. always decide the price of the product/service on the basis of market analysis. Different marketing strategies you can be used for pricing policies.

Dou you know the trends in marketing is also changing with the change in the platform. This change has divided the marketing into Two concepts.

Traditional Marketing : Traditional Marketing Traditional advertising and selling refers to any type of selling, advertising or ad campaign that has been in use with the resource of firms for years, which includes a confirmed accomplishment worth. Methods of ancient selling and advertising will cover print commercials, in conjunction with newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print commercials.

Traditional Marketing Tools

  • Hoardings
  • Magazines
  • TV/Radio
  • Print media, etc.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

There are many advantages including increased awareness of a brand. If you walk around a town or city there is no doubt that you will see a trail of traditional advertising.

With billboards beaming their call to actions at us as well as front window adverts enticing us to approach their stores, it is never ending and maybe this is a good advantage. This form of marketing catches us when we are unaware and potentially could lead to a sale.

Another factor to consider is the benefit of face to face contact. We all have experienced people trying to sell on our doorsteps, this is human interaction and it can save us money if the product is something that we desire.

For example,

if you had a sales representative trying to sell you a cheaper television package on your doorstep, it could save you ringing them directly as well as browsing online. So, by considering the offer you could be saving time and money.

Newspapers are another way that advertisers like to reach their audience by. It is called tangibility offers which refer to ads or products that readers come to contact in during their spare time


Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Digital advertising (also known as information-driven advertising) is an umbrella term for the advertising of products or services using digital technologies, above all at the internet, but in addition together with mobile phones, show selling, and another virtual medium.

Digital Marketing Tool

  • Organic Social Media.
  • Paid Social Media.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Display Retargeting.
  • Programmatic Advertising.
  • Website Testing.
  • Video Hosting.



Benefits of Digital Marketing

Global reach – a website permits you to discover new markets and exchange globally for best a small investment.

Lower price – a nicely deliberate and correctly targeted digital advertising and marketing campaign can attain the proper customers at a far decrease fee than traditional marketing methods.

Measurable consequences – measuring your online marketing with net analytics and different on line metric equipment makes it less difficult to establish how effective your marketing campaign has been. You may reap unique records about how clients use your website or respond to your advertising. Web analytics may be set up to expose you exactly how a great deal money you make from each digital tactic.

Personalization – if your client database is related to your internet site, then every time someone visits the site, you can greet them with centered gives. The greater they buy from you, the more you may refine your patron profile and marketplace efficiently to them.

Openness – by way of getting involved with social media and dealing with it cautiously, you may construct patron loyalty and create a recognition for being easy to engage with.

Social currency – digital advertising and marketing let you create attractive campaigns the use of specific forms of rich media content material. At the net, those campaigns can benefit social foreign money – being exceeded from person to consumer and turning into viral.

Improved conversion prices – when you have a website, then your clients are simplest ever some clicks far from finishing a purchase. Not like other media which require humans to rise up and make a phone name, or go to a store, virtual advertising can be seamless and immediate.

Differences Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing  Digital Marketing  
Entrepreneurs can easily reach their goal local target market.Now not simplest target nearby target audience may be reached, but in addition to the target market from all around the globe.
Traditional advertising has a more private approach on the grounds that marketers will have someone-to-character relationship in informing the general public approximately their brand’s name.Due to the fact that it could reach a finite target audience, getting extra famous is easy. There is no need to be physically present in introducing the brand’s call to the target market.
The public will have a tough replica of materials of which they can study or browse via over and over once more.The public can also have access on one-of-a- kind content material on websites and motion pictures on YouTube or video sharing websites.
It can be without problems understood through the general public due to the fact they’re already uncovered to this sort of method. It’s miles something that most of the people could have get entry to on.Techniques carried out can reach target market with internet connection. Most target market is organizations of people who’ve virtual devices and are usually online 24/7.
There may be most effective a bit interaction among the medium used and the customers. It is greater of offering facts to the public that the brand exists with the wish of these humans patronizing the brand.Interplay is very possible especially with using social media networks. Marketers take gain of the ease of speaking with their target market aiming to get nice purchaser remarks.
Print or radio commercials can be very high- priced. Printing substances may be pricey and you need to hire humans to distribute these. Agencies have the want to invest cash for this advertising and marketing strategy.Digital marketing is fee-efficient. The usage of social media websites is freed from the rate. Though some invest on paid commercials online, the cost remains cheaper if you compare to conventional advertising and marketing.
Consequences on this advertising strategy cannot effortlessly be measured. Entrepreneurs need to behavior survey and finding a statistician to interpret outcomes is a should. Digital Marketing.Data and consequences are without problems recorded. With Google Analytics, professionals can without problems test if the techniques are operating. If no longer, they are able to easily create higher content for better advertising.

Talking about digital media it’s easy to enter the digital media but the survival is tough as most of the people fail in the most important step.

Most people select hot and trending products/services in the market without any interest in it which often leads to failure after a certain period of time. Always select the thing you are good at and have knowledge about. This will help to keep up the spirit high and will help you to keep up the business running as you will know what you are doing, as you are already knowledgeable.

If you love cooking select cooking as a niche or your local cuisines as a niche.

If you love cricket select cricket as a niche.

If you are interested and are into the stock market select Stock Market as a Niche.

Always Pick a Niche about what you love to do or what you are interested in.

Still doubtful, about how to pick an interesting topic to blog about?

Take out your notebook and a pen. Write down 10 business ideas that you can think of that you can write about now without using the internet and write about 500 words articles for those topics. This exercise will help you to understand the topic that you are passionate about. But the key here is you have to be honest with your answers and no internet.

The blue Triangle will be the answer to your question as it fits perfectly with your talent, market, and passion.

if you have read and understand the concept clearly and implemented it then I will be discussing the next topic the way to make it all yours.


We have already talked about Marketing , types of marketing, methods of marketing and Niche. Now, we know the basics and its time to know how to utilize it. The CATT funnel is the method of utilizing the marketing knowledge. it helps us understand the marketing cycle. The implementation of the CATT funnel is directly proportional to the wealth created. In short the more perfectly the Funnel implemented the more is the wealth made.

This image shows the CATT funnel. The proper sequence to implement the marketing steps. The steps which will make you wealth.

  • You select your niche( segment/area of expertise) =>
  • You create your content (product/service) =>
  • You Grab people’s attention (marketing/promotion/educate) =>
  • Build people trust (Goodwill/customer satisfaction) =>
  • You make the transactions ( Deliver the product/service in return for money).

You know the right way to make money, you know how to become a marketer but now, I will be talking about How to become a SUCCESSFUL MARKETER?

You might be thinking that we have already discussed and talked about all the concepts of marketing. yes, we have discussed almost all about it. Bus as the best dish is always served at the last in the same way the most important topic is always discussed at the last after the basics become clear. now as you know all the basics and methods of marketing we will be talking about THE MASS TRUST BLUEPRINT.

The Blueprint to make the Future you a 100% successful person in your field. The blueprint is used and implemented by all the successful persons in their respective fields. The Blueprint which if properly implemented will help to rise from the Ashes and will turn you into a Phoenix.

This cycle of the Mass Trust Blueprint by Digital Deepak speaks on its own. Follow the steps in the predefined order to be successful and to spread your wings in the sky.


WORK : About what you learned

BLOG : Write/Blog about your field/work.

CONSULT: Provide service to people and consult to people about your work.

MENTOR: Mentor people who want to learn about your work and help them grow.

STARTUP: Start your own company/business.

If implemented in the proper sequence the success is 100% guaranteed. The only condition is you need to be true to yourself and work with full dedication and seriousness.

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